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Model: atta04
This is a Vegetarian product.Certified with agmark, cftri and fracHigher nutritional value..
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Model: ssj02
This is a Vegetarian product.Free-flowing granular formEasy and clean handling as well as storageEnriched with Iodine..
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Model: rc01
This is a Vegetarian product.Material Features : VegetarianSize : 500 GType : Eatable..
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Model: SP07
Get the perfect blend of tangy and tasty flavors with Chholey Masala. Infused with various spices and aroma, give your home-cooked Chholey the perfect restaurant touch...
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Model: SP02
Coriander Powder is all about lending any curry its distinct aroma, flavor, and colour. Rich in flavour and taste, Coriander Powder is a must have ingredient if you want to turn your dish truly scrumptious..
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Model: SP04
A staple traditional spice blend used in everyday cooking, the Garam Masala is all about adding aroma and flavor to any dish, to make it delicious...
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Model: SP05
If you want to make your ordinary dishes special, just add some Catch Kitchen King masala. This special blend adds colour, flavour and taste to the dish, making it enjoyable. King Masala comes in food-grade metal-lined packs to retain its freshness...
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Model: SP06
Meat Masala is an exotic blend of spices that adds color and a distinct taste to non-veg dishes. Wrapped in a metal-lined package, the spices stay flavorful and aromatic for a long time...
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Model: SP03
Made from fresh chillis, the Red Chilli Powder is sprinkled over a dish to give it a vibrant red colour and add a depth of flavor and richness..
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Model: SP08
Serve authentic and lip-smacking sambhar every time with Sambhar Masala. This masala is made with a combination of ingredients that enhances the aroma and taste while bringing out the best flavor of the sambhar dish...
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Model: SP21
Aromatic spiceRich source of nutrientsPosses medicinal propertiesTasty seasoning..
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Model: SP01
There are some spices that are essential to an Indian dish and the turmeric powder is one such ingredient.Turmeric Powder is a balanced combination of pure quality, perfect aroma and the right colour that enriches any Indian dish it’s added to...
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