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Model: dp06
Quantity: 150ml; Item Form: SprayVibrant and spicy fragrance enhanced with guarana; Notes of bergamot, cinnamon, cedarwood and vanillaDesigned for the men who believe in both: the power of the team and the strength of the individualDermatologically tested and 0% aluminum salts formula that respects ..
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Model: sc03
To purify and nourish the scalp nd hairLeaves hair refreshed Special ph balanced formula..
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Model: hw12
Cinthol soap deo soap strong wrapA complete health soap..
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Model: sp10
Cinthol Cool Bath SoapCinthol Deo Soap is a deodorising bathing soap with intense fragrance that protects your body from odour through your active day. Its premium deo fragrance not only appeals to the senses, but also keeps body odour in check for all your daily rigorous tasks. Indulge in an experi..
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Model: hw11
Quantity: 400g (100g each) item form: solidGodrej Cinthol lime soap with enhanced lime freshness, revitalizes your senses for a fantastic bathing experienceUsage: lather and apply generously to the skin and then gently massage for best results, work up a rich lather and leave for 2 minutes before wa..
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Model: bl02
Controls oilPrevents PimpleApply a small amount on wet palm and work into rich lather. Gently massage onto face, avoiding the eye area. Rinse off thoroughly. Use twice daily for skin that's beautiful..
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Model: bl03
Clean & Clear morning energy aqua splash face wash is specially formulated with menthol, soft bursting beads and a refreshing fragranceThe special ingredients create a cool, tingling sensation on your skin that truly wakes you up and makes you feel energized, while thoroughly cleansing your skin..
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Model: sc07
With milk proteinWorks gently on your hair from root to tipNourishes and makes hair stronger and guarantees less hair fall..
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Model: tb03
Revive your senses with the new Colgate Charcoal Clean, that has the goodness of bamboo charcoal and wintergreen mint for a clean mouth experience.This gel based toothpaste is extracted with expertise. Bamboo Charcoal is known for cleaning properties and Wintergreen Mint is known to freshen breath.I..
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Model: tb05
Switch on the power of freshness with Colgate Maxfresh toothpaste that refreshes you and helps you sieze the day because every morning is a fresh startThis red gel toothpaste contains unique cooling crystals that dissolve completely as you brush. Colgate Maxfresh gives you intense cooling and a burs..
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Model: tb01
Soft curved bristles gently clean between the teethCompact head size reaches corners of mouthProvides gentle cleaning for sensitive teeth and gums with silky soft bristlesColgate is India’s No.1 brand used and recommended by dentistsHelps minimize pressure on gums and ensures better control while yo..
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Model: tb04
Intense cooling and super freshness brushing experienceMaxFresh Cooling crystals freshens up breathHelps fight cavities with an explosion of freshnessHelps whiten teeth as you brush regularlyAlways 100% Vegetarian..
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